Content Marketing

How to Measure Content Marketing Effectiveness

Content marketing is the promotion of content that you have created through different channels and geared towards a specific audience. Many people assume that content refers to any written content. However, it can be almost anything you can imagine - from infographics and slideshows to blog posts and e-books, all of them are different forms [...]

The Best Ways to Utilize Content Distribution

Content distribution is ground zero for your content marketing program – the point where you out your goals, audience insights, tactical choices, and creative executions to the test. You may have spectacular content available for your readers. However, there is no point in creating it if they don’t read it. You need to understand how [...]

Schedule Your Content with a Content Calendar

There is a massive overall problem in the marketing industry with people who aren’t sure about how to create and sustain an long-term content strategy. However, the last thing you want to do is start from scratch every week. It’s stressful, it’s unproductive, and it doesn’t help you create good content. As part of your [...]

Creating and Outsourcing Content the Right Way

Whether you plan on becoming a content writer yourself, or if you plan on outsourcing content to another writer (or group of writers), it’s critical to know how to research, write, and distribute quality content. Today, we’ll go over how to do research for your content so you know exactly what your audience wants to [...]

How to Start Using Content Marketing in 2018

Are you using content marketing as effectively as possible to reach your customers and build your business? These days, content marketing is one of the best ways to raise brand awareness among a targeted audience, as well as increase your online authority, web traffic, leads, and sales. However, without the right content marketing strategy, tactics, [...]