Sales Pages

Use Continuity Offers in Your Sales Funnels

In today's marketplace, it's no longer good enough to sell information products for a one-time sale or to sell your services online. Instead, we as online business owners need to think more seriously about adding a reliable source of recurring income to our business model. One spectacular way of doing this is by creating and [...]

Upselling and Cross Selling to Your Customers

Congratulations, you just made a sale! However, the real work is just getting started. Making that initial sale is one thing, but that one sale per customer alone may not keep your business afloat for very long. What you want is to boost your average value per customer. This is where upselling comes into play. Upselling is [...]

Order Form Template and Best Practices

If you do not have a sharp looking order form that follows best practices, you are leaving money on the table in a big way. Spending a little time optimizing your forms can be the most important optimization work you can do for your entire sales funnel. You will want to test these frequently, but [...]

How To Build Sales Pages That Convert

Sales pages are standalone pages created with one specific purpose in mind: to generate sales for your product or service. No matter your industry or niche, the purpose of your sales page remains the same: to convert visitors into customers. In this article we will dive into the following areas of Sales Pages: Different Types [...]